March 27 Mentor Advisory Forum: All Systems Grow: Building Your Team


March 27 | 10am to 11am | Free Teleconference

This is the second in a two-part teleconference series on hiring for your business. Click here to view the first session. You may register for one or both!

So, you’ve added a new member to your team. Now what?

Many business owners have some initial systems in place, but they need some guidance on where to further develop their systems in order to grow.

Join us on March 27 to zero in on the areas where you can bulk up your processes and procedures and set yourself up for growth.

This session is ideal if you are ready to hire an employee or virtual assistant, or recently added a new member to the team.

In this teleconference, we’ll discuss how you can:

  • Determine what you need in place to service 2-5 more customers
  • Leverage your systems, automation, processes and people
  • Define the role of your virtual assistant or employee

Facilitator: Kerrilee Auger, Skills Development Manager, Women’s Enterprise Centre



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