October 2 Webinar | Financial Management


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Financial management isn’t as dry as it sounds—by being in control of your finances, you can be proactive in pursuing your goals!

Your product or service may be exceptional, but effective management of your cash and finances is essential to your business’ survival. One of the keys to business success is being able to interpret financial statements.

This webinar will help you understand basic financial principles that you can apply to your business decision-making on a daily basis.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Better manage your cash flow
  • Understand the cost/profit/volume relationship
  • Use info from financial statements to make better business decisions
  • Calculate four key financial ratios for your business

Facilitator: Cheryl Farmer, Business Advisor, Women’s Enterprise Centre

October 2 | 12pm to 1pm | Webinar

This is the first in a five-part Scaling for Success webinar series. View all webinars in the series >>


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