Getting Financing for Your Business

These resources will help you understand your financing options, increase your financial literacy and address the financial aspects of your business plan.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Matching Your Funding Options With Your Needs If you’re looking for funding to realize your business goals, then you have many options. Yet, how do you […]

Date: 2021/03/10

If you’re exploring funding for your business, you have options! This comparison chart will help you compare the different funding programs available for BC women business owners, from Women’s Enterprise […]

Date: 2021/02/19

Do you take a “head in the sand” approach to the financial side of your business? Do you ignore your numbers because you are unsure of exactly what they mean? […]

Date: 2020/03/12

From BDC BDC has put together a handy primer to compare the many free and low-cost accounting software options that are available for your business. Related resource: What to Consider […]

Date: 2019/04/01

This Cash Flow Template is a simple excel file that allows you to forecast your cash flow. Once you click on the link, the file will download automatically.

Date: 2018/09/19

We are not a formula lender. We focus on overall business viability, not just the firm’s financial position, or business owner’s personal net worth and credit score. You may qualify […]

Date: 2018/06/07

Do you qualify for a business loan from Women’s Enterprise Centre? Join one of our free bi-weekly phone-in sessions to learn about our loans program and how you may be […]

Date: 2018/06/07

One of the most invaluable and often neglected tools of running a business is the maintenance of a bookkeeping system. Often “doing the books” is the last item a small […]

Date: 2018/01/29

From Spring This thorough and comprehensive guide will guide you on how to raise seed capital. It answers many common questions with regards to seed capital, including: What type of […]

Date: 2018/01/01

The Canada Revenue Agency’s website provides electronic access to the majority of the Agency’s public information holdings, including forms, publications, and guides.  This website provides information, services, and applications that […]

Date: 2018/01/01
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