Women's Entrepreneurship Research

Research and information about women’s entrepreneurship in BC and Canada.

Report by Scotiabank Women Initiative, March 3 2020 This report advances new insights about gender differences in finance knowledge and confidence among owners of small businesses in Canada.

Date: 2020/03/19

Report by BDC, October 2019 Entrepreneurship is making a comeback in Canada: 44,700 Canadians started a business in 2018—the highest number in a decade. Who are these new entrepreneurs? And […]

Date: 2020/03/19

Report by Global Affairs Canada, December 2019 This report analyzes selected trends and business characteristics of Canadian exporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by majority gender of ownership of firms.

Date: 2020/03/19

Report by BDC and Telfer School of Business, December 2017 In 2017, BDC partnered with the Telfer School of Business at the University of Ottawa to analyze the financial literacy among […]

Date: 2020/03/19

Report by She’s Next: Empowered by Visa, 2019 A national pulse of women small business owners: the goals they pursue, the challenges they face, and the tools needed to succeed […]

Date: 2020/03/19

As an Organizing Partner of WE FOR SHE, we’re proud to present the 2020 report on gender equity in BC, the “WE FOR SHE Forum Recap 2019 & 2020 Action […]

Date: 2020/02/28

Women’s Enterprise Centre is part of an interconnected community of business service providers that helps entrepreneurs. This infographic illustrates how we all work together to support women in business across […]

Date: 2019/06/02

Report by Female Funders and Hockeystick, July 2018 Canada’s most comprehensive look at women in venture capital and angel investing. The report, which was produced in partnership with and National […]

Date: 2018/07/11

Women’s Enterprise Centre is a proud Organizing Partner of the WE FOR SHE movement to grow the economic impact of women. WE FOR SHE is pleased to present “Stepping it […]

Date: 2018/03/07

This February 2018 report, by Janice McDonald and Clare Beckton, “outlines the implications for business and the Canadian economy resulting from gender differences in approaches to innovation.”

Date: 2018/02/14
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