Women's Entrepreneurship Research

Research and information about women’s entrepreneurship in BC and Canada.

In 2017, Women’s Enterprise Centre partnered with the Okanagan School of Business to measure the extent to which women business owners in BC have an entrepreneurial mindset. Laurel Douglas, CEO of Women’s Enterprise Centre, and Dr. Lynn Sparling, Professor at Okanagan School of Business, co-authored a report to share the findings. This presentation summarizes the […]

Date: 2018/01/11

This 2017 report by the Telfer School of Management profiles SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) as suppliers to the Government of Canada and explores non-suppliers and their reasons for not contracting with the Government. As the authors point out, “because purchasing represents a significant portion of government expenditure, strategic procurement holds the potential to stimulate […]

Date: 2017/12/29

This June 2017 report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) explores the economic impact of achieving gender parity in Canada and offers five initiatives to drive progress.

Date: 2017/06/29

In August 2016, Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC) conducted a survey of business service providers within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in BC. The survey was designed to identify how these organizations engage with women, how they understand the needs of women business owners in the province and how their services meet their needs. This report summarizes the […]

Date: 2016/12/10

Report by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, 2016 This report combines findings from a literature review of research on supplier diversity with the results of a national survey (N = 294) of professionals in procurement, supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion in both the public and private sector. It […]

Date: 2016/05/30

Commissioned by American Express Open, 2016 This report analyzes trends from 2007 to 2016 of women-owned businesses in the United States. Key trends include an overall increase in women-owned and majority women-owned business across the country, higher than national average employment growth (18% increase compared to 1% decline), and business revenues (35% increase compared to […]

Date: 2016/05/30

The Taskforce for Women’s Business Growth is a national consortium of prominent women business owners, SME service agencies, academics, and industry associations. Women’s Enterprise Centre is a founding member of this national taskforce, which has identified action strategies to create economic development in Canada through the support of women entrepreneurs.  The Taskforce maintains a comprehensive […]

Date: 2016/04/11

Entrepreneurship Policy Digest, Kauffman Foundation, 20 July 2015 This digest discusses the unique barriers that women entrepreneurs face, particularly availability of mentors, implicit biases against women entrepreneurs, and the additional challenges women face in maintaining work-life balance. Five policy recommendations are proposed to “pave the way” for entrepreneurial success for women: (1) develop and report […]

Date: 2015/07/20

For the Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, July 2015 The Expert Panel was convened for a twelve-week period to consult with key stakeholders across Canada and provide recommendation on how to champion and support women entrepreneurs. The Panel engaged with 400 entrepreneurs through 11 roundtables. The resulting seven recommendations were delivered […]

Date: 2015/07/01

Report by Women Impacting Public Policy, 24 June 2015 Recognizing the gender gap in access to capital, a series of policy recommendations are provided to address the underlying issues. The report suggests changing capital distribution infrastructure through strategies including simplifying intellectual property protections to increase investment in smaller firms, re-thinking the traditional credit score system, […]

Date: 2015/06/24