Women's Entrepreneurship Research

Research and information about women’s entrepreneurship in BC and Canada.

Report by Dell & ACG Inc., 2015 The Scorecard ranks and rates opportunities and challenges facing women entrepreneurs across 31 countries. The factors analyzed by the Scorecard are (1) business environment – fostering of growth and scaling of businesses; (2) gendered access – women’s access to fundamental resources for business success; (3) leadership and rights […]

Date: 2015/05/30

Report by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 2015 This report provides a comprehensive overview of women’s participation in entrepreneurial activity in Canada including their personal backgrounds and business profile, attitudes and motivations for starting a business, the success and economic impact of women-led ventures, and the quality of working life for women entrepreneurs. The report provides comparisons […]

Date: 2015/05/30

Report by Deloitte and the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to OECD, 2015 Two critical challenges facing women entrepreneurs are highlighted: access to financing and public policies that foster women’s entrepreneurship. The report attributes disparities in financing of women- owned business to a “complex interaction of diverse factors” including the way that VC, private equity, […]

Date: 2015/05/30

This May 2015 special edition of Key Small Business Statistics aims to provide readers with a picture of the general distribution of majority female-owned SMEs in Canada.

Date: 2015/05/30

In May 2015, the WEB Alliance of Women’s Business Networks released of the report “Women as a Catalyst for Economic Growth: A BC Action Plan,” which identifies key barriers and solutions to increasing the economic impact of women in British Columbia.

Date: 2015/05/06

TD Economics Special Report, 16 January 2015 This report provides an overview of women-owned business in Canada, aggregating data on the size and sector of women owned businesses, and the growth in self-employment among women since the 2009. The report also discusses the different occupation choices and motivations for women to enter entrepreneurship, which may […]

Date: 2015/01/16

Report by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 2015 Globally, the rates of women’s participation in early-stage entrepreneurship activities have increased by 7% since 2012. The ratio of entrepreneurial intentions among women and men in North America is 13:20 (0.65), compared to the GEM average of 22:29 (0.76). High rates of participation are associated with visibility of mentors […]

Date: 2015/01/01

A significant percentage of Canadian women entrepreneurs express growth intention for their businesses. The top personal barriers to growth include business skills and management experience, family responsibilities, financial strength and literacy, and confidence levels. Firm-related barriers include financing and profitability issues, HR issues, and skills and training issues, top external barriers identified were regulatory and […]

Date: 2014/10/29

Report by Women’s Enterprise Centre, 2014 This report combines existing literature on barriers affecting women entrepreneurs and the results of a BC focused survey of women entrepreneurs. Financial literacy, access to capital, and self-confidence emerged as key barriers. Solutions identified include experience based training that is specific to the needs of women entrepreneurs, identification, coaching […]

Date: 2014/10/29

Arthur M Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, Babson College, September 2014 An analysis was conducted comparing US venture capital (VC)-funded companies with women entrepreneurs on the executive team and those without between 2011 and 2013. It showed that 18% of business funding in 2013 had a woman on the executive team while only 2.7% had a […]

Date: 2014/09/30