Save Time and Remove the Overwhelm of Social Media

You can tweet, post, pin, plus one it or share. Overwhelmed yet? How do you still manage a business without getting overwhelmed with everything you need to do on Social Media? This is one of the most commonly asked questions from business owners.

For businesses that want to leverage the power of social media without losing their minds, here are a few tips:

Map it out – If you have a roadmap for your marketing, you are less likely to be shooting from the hip. Your map helps to reduce stress and save your time as well. Start with just 1 month. What are you promoting for the month? Is it a special time of year? What do you want to share with your clients? Plan out your tweets & posts around your offline marketing campaign for the entire month in one sitting.

Get the right tools – Once you have your marketing planned for the month, you can use tools such as Hootsuite to schedule your posts or tweets. Now your scheduled marketing is one thing, but social media is about being social. You can’t schedule authentic engagement with your fans, followers and clients. We teach clients to set the marketing posts but then carve out space in your schedule for engaging in real time. A smartphone is the best tool for lulls (waiting in a line up, when you’re on hold) in the day when you can check up on your different profiles and talk to or listen to your clients on social media.

Set boundaries – It is easy to get sucked in and lose your day to social media if you don’t set boundaries. With push features on your phone or emails notifications to remind us we have a message, we often feel tied to technology. Tools are meant to give you flexibility and a bird’s eye view of all platforms. There will always be something you need to do. By setting boundaries for family, office hours, and times you respond for non urgent issues means that you do not make technology your master.

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce the stress and bring back the fun in marketing using social media. Have any other helpful tips to share? Post them below.

Shauna Harper

Shauna Harper is a mentor for Women’s Enterprise Centre and a business coach for creative entrepreneurs . Due to her obsession with online marketing and the “little blue bird”, she teaches entrepreneurs how to strategically use Twitter to grow their businesses.

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