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Manage Your Cash Flow for Restarting Your Business

Financial Planning During COVID-19 COURSE DESCRIPTION With COVID-19 causing unparalleled disruption around our province, businesses are reopening to a significantly changed landscape. This “new normal” has seen carefully laid financial plans hastily changed, alongside cash flow management taking on more importance than ever. Join Iain Rogers, Entreflow Business & Management Consulting, for this informative webinar […]

Event - 2020/06/14

COVID 19: Manage Your Cash Flow and Ramp Up for Business

Cash flow management is a key business success factor at any time, but it’s especially important during an economic crisis. A new webinar from Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), COVID 19: Manage your cash flow and ramp up for business, will show you the cash-flow strategies that will […]

Event - 2020/05/26

Small Business BC’s Digital Meetups: Managing Your Cash Flow

In this digital meetup we speak to Iain Rogers, Founder of Entreflow, on how to pivot your business plan and manage your cash flow during this challenging time. Contents covered include: Common questions regarding Cash Flow and how to adapt your business due to Covid-19 Questions & answers for Iain Opportunity for other small businesses […]

Event - 2020/04/07

6 Key Questions to Plan Your Cash Flow

Whether you’ve done your business planning in a formal written document, on scraps of paper, or if you have your ideas in your head, it’s important to tell the story and then translate it into numbers on your cash flow statement. There are many factors that impact your cash flow. But, to get started, here […]

Post - 2020/02/20

Budgeting for Your Business: The Ins and Outs of Cash Flow Webinar

This is the first session in a three-part Financial Fitness Webinar Series, presented by Women’s Enterprise Centre. If you run a business, you need to know when cash will be going in and out. With cash in the bank, you can buy the supplies you need to fulfill your next big sale, deal with unexpected or […]

Event - 2020/02/11

Session Recording | Budgeting for Your Business: The Ins and Outs of Cash Flow

This is a recording of the first session in a three-part Financial Fitness Webinar Series in March 2020, presented by Women’s Enterprise Centre. If you registered for the webinar, you will find the password to view the video below in the follow-up email we sent out after the session. We hope you find the session […]

Page - 2019/05/02

3 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

In part 1 of this post, we looked at the 5 Factors that Impact Your Cash flow. Now, let’s review some strategies for improving your company’s cash flow: 1. Look at your assets Review your inventory management system. Is there room to tighten up, so you’re not sitting on large amounts of inventory or carrying […]

Post - 2019/03/25

It’s All in the Timing: 5 Factors that Impact Your Cash flow

Every business will experience the need for more cash from time to time. The key to improving your cash flow is to accelerate your inflows and delay or reduce your cash outflows. In other words: make sure more money is coming in than going out. It sounds easy, but there are several factors at play. […]

Post - 2019/03/19

Cash Flow Template

This Cash Flow Template is a simple excel file that allows you to forecast your cash flow.

Resources - 2018/09/19

Cash Flow Forecasting and Break-Even Analysis

A cash flow projection reflects factors such as terms extended to customers, supplier terms, seasonal variations, and other factors that influence when cash will actually come.  A break-even analysis examines the interaction of fixed costs, variable costs, price, and unit volume to help you determine what combination of elements is necessary to break even. It […]

Resources - 2015/10/29

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