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COVID-19 Support and Resources for Okanagan Businesses

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption in our lives, and our businesses. Both the federal and provincial governments have announced aid programs for businesses and individuals, but it’s not easy to navigate the ever-changing information. Businesses also face challenges such as cash flow management, employment issues, and how to survive until life gets back to normal. […]

Event - 2020/04/08

COVID-19 Business Continuity

What the presentation will cover: Government Relief Measures Cash Conservation Business Continuity Who this session is for: Business Owners What attendees will take away/learn: Understand how to conserve cash Various ways to maintain cash flow Relief measures provided by the government and how to use available resources

Event - 2020/04/07

Finding a New Normal: Leading Your Business Through Times of Uncertainty

COURSE DESCRIPTION With a pandemic at our door, navigating business in this amount of uncertainty requires an approach that includes a reset of your business plan. This session will help you find your new normal and make sure you can make the transition well. This webinar will cover the critical steps required to respond to […]

Event - 2020/04/07

Free Access: Strength in Numbers Session Recording

We hope you find these webinar recordings helpful as you navigate these uncertain times. Sign up for upcoming sessions >> If you would like to book a complimentary appointment with a Business Advisor to discuss your own cash flow, brainstorm ideas to generate sales or address other issues in your business, please fill out this […]

Page - 2020/04/06

COVID-19 Resources & Support

Women’s Enterprise Centre is focused on supporting women-owned businesses through this crisis so that when it is over you can get back to business as usual. We’re here for you! We know this situation is fluid, and is changing on a daily basis. We’d like to encourage any of our clients to utilize our complimentary […]

Page - 2020/03/16

Webinar Recording: Understand the Money Side of Your Business

Do you take a “head in the sand” approach to the financial side of your business? Do you ignore your numbers because you are unsure of exactly what they mean? Our panelists demystify the financial reports that you should be reviewing on a regular basis, whether you do your own bookkeeping or have a professional […]

Resources - 2020/03/12

Export Ready: Understanding Global Money

The Financial Side of Exporting Explained Looking to sell your goods outside of British Columbia? Exporting can increase your profits, deliver access to more consumers and diversify market opportunities. To make the most of it, building an understanding of global finance is key. You’ll need to account for currency fluctuations, accounts receivable insurance, and learn […]

Event - 2020/01/14

What is a Development Lender?

Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC) is a “Development Lender” – but what does that mean? If you’re looking for small business financing, there are lots of options available to you. So, it can be difficult to understand the differences between one lender and another. Development lenders are mandated by the government to help small businesses, and […]

Post - 2019/11/15

Should you offer credit?

Many small businesses make the mistake of putting off developing credit and collections policies until they have a problem with an overdue account or available cash. The first step in developing a credit policy is deciding whether you should extend credit at all. Before developing a policy, examine your business goals then ask yourself these […]

Post - 2019/05/28

Financial Management Webinar

Financial management isn’t as dry as it sounds—by being in control of your finances, you can be proactive in pursuing your goals! Your product or service may be exceptional, but effective management of your cash and finances is essential to your business’ survival. One of the keys to business success is being able to interpret financial […]

Event - 2019/05/21