Skyrocket Your Rankings on Google!

The million dollar question that I get asked almost daily is: “How can I start ranking higher on Google?”

Google is actually very specific about what it wants from business owners: the consistent creation of highly relevant and interesting multimedia content that can be quickly and easily indexed for ranking purposes.

Here are my top 3 tips for what you can do online to finally get noticed – and ranked – by Google:

1. Search Engine Optimize Your Website
When Google first crawls your site for tidbits on who you are and what your business does, be sure you leave them with as much detailed information as possible. You do this using your title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, graphics, and overall website design, to name a few.

2. Start Creating Profiles in Major Online Directories
I always advise my clients to strive for maximum exposure with the least amount of work. When you create profiles on online directories, you benefit from having your name and contact information show up on multiple places AND you also receive a legitimate link back from that directory to your website. Start this process with free online directories like Google+ and Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, and more.

3. Get Social and STAY Social
Social media should be a part of every business’s online marketing strategy. A brand must be able to strike up a conversation, go where their target market is going, and engage them in a discussion that earns them brownie points in the form of a great reputation and better rankings online. Smart brands are using very specific – and simple – social media tactics on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to drive traffic to their websites and boost interest in their companies.

Now that you understand how to influence Google in your favor, be sure to apply these three basic steps to help you build a solid online foundation that nothing – not even Google’s famed and ever-changing algorithm – can ever shake. See you on my next blog where I’ll share with you how to leverage your social media to help you generate leads and traffic back to your site!

Emily Chow

Emily Chow is the chief marketing strategist at Chow Communications a Vancouver and Coquitlam-based boutique marketing and training agency that specializes in helping businesses build authentic, effective, and profitable brand presences. See Emily in action at her next workshop called My Profit On Purpose by registering here today!

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