Social Media Do’s and Don’t’s- How to Make a Good First Impression

Social Media is something that almost everyone knows a little bit about. The trouble is a little bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. Especially when your business reputation is at stake! This list is designed to give you a few things to think about next time you log onto facebook or get the urge to ‘tweet’ your thoughts to the world.

1. DO: If You have a Twitter account, live by Social Media Expert Chris Brogan’s ‘12-1 Rule’: “Tweet about other people and events 12 times as often as you tweet about yourself or your own company.” Remember, Twitter is all about conversations, and nobody likes someone who just talks about themselves.

2. DO: LinkedIn is not JUST about connections. It’s an opportunity to tell your business peers what you do, and why you do it. Please do a status update at least once a week. Provide a link to your latest blog post, share an article you found interesting and explain why.

3. DO: Create a facebook fan page for your business, separate from your personal page. I am a strong believer in not mixing business with pleasure. Fans and customers of your business do not want to see photos of your daughter waterskiing in Mexico.

4. DON’T: Use Social media channels only to SELL. It’s bad form, it’s boring, and it borders on SPAM. People like to do business with people they like. Talk TO people, not AT people.

5. DON’T: Create multiple Social Media accounts because you can. Ask yourself: Where are my customers? If your customers have never heard of twitter…why are you on twitter? Create a plan, and monitor that plan. Do what works for YOU and YOUR business.

Social Media is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. It’s designed as a 2-way form of communication. Used consistently and purposefully, it can drive traffic to your website and or your bricks and mortar location.

Cathy Burrell

Cathy Burrell is the owner of Cavern Retail Consulting in White Rock BC. She is a Retail Consultant and Social Media Coach. She works with busy business owners who like most people, know very little about Social Media but are curious how they can use it to grow their business. Follow her on Twitter @CathyCavern

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