The Social Side Of SEO: The Importance Of Social Validation And Community Building – Part 2

As a brand, you can advertise that you’ve got the best products and services on the market. You can do this in creative ways, innovative ways, or plain ‘ol simple ways. But, at the end of the day, your clients are the ones who get to DECIDE if you really are as good as you claim to be.

This is why the whole concept of social proof and social validation is so important. Social media allows business the opportunity to turn their best customers into brand ambassadors. Your goal on social media is to create all kinds of engaging multimedia content that your community can’t help but love and share with their own networks. The more people you have sharing your content and talking about you online in a positive way, the better you RANK online AND the better you APPEAR online to your prospects.

Conversions: Turn Your Social Community Into Your Best Sales Team

Through online channels like your blog, Facebook business page, Instagram account, and Google+ presence just to name a few, your prospects can get to know you better. By researching you online and seeing how you engage with those in your community, these exact prospects are getting an opportunity to TRY you before they BUY you.

Give your ideal customers a great experience when they land on your social account and show Google that you deserve to move up in your online rankings. Whether it be through creative graphics, optimized content, compelling videos, or phenomenal customer service, let your community demonstrate to the world that you’re just as good as you claim to be. It’s time you let your clients and community become your best sales team.

Emily Chow

Emily Chow is the chief marketing strategist at Chow Communications a Vancouver and Coquitlam-based boutique marketing and training agency that specializes in helping businesses build authentic, effective, and profitable brand presences. See Emily in action at her next workshop called My Profit On Purpose by registering here today!

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