Step Right Up for This Amazing Deal!

Do you have an amazing deal to offer your clients/customers?

Everybody wants to get a deal. Getting a deal gives you bragging rights, “Hey, did you hear about the great deal I got?”

Imagine you’re in a jewelry store and a necklace catches your eye. It screams, “Buy me!” The price tag is $199. As you’re thinking about it you wander into another jewelry store and notice the exact same necklace! This one is regularly priced at $249 but it’s on sale for $199. Which one would you buy? I’d buy the one that’s regularly $249. It feels like somehow the higher priced necklace has more value. I know they’re the exact same but I feel like I’ve scored a deal. I can justify my purchase easier when the price has been dropped.

Your customers also want to justify their purchases. You could offer them a great deal:

1. If they pay for a large purchase up front – saves you the paperwork and hassle.
2. If they buy two (or add in something else) – you have a slightly lower profit margin but you’ve sold more items so you come out ahead.
3. If they buy today – you don’t have to worry that they’ll change their mind and not come back later.

Offer your customers a great deal. It makes them happy they did business with you and you’re happy because they’re more likely to come back to you and also to refer their friends to you. It’s win-win!

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