Success Stories of Women Business Owners

Loan Clients

We have loan clients around the province who run amazing businesses! We are proud to share these success stories from some of the women we’ve helped to start or grow their business with our business loans.

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Our volunteer mentors are business owners who share their hard-earned knowledge and experience with women entrepreneurs. They offer support and guidance to Mentees, via one-to-one mentoring or peer mentoring groups, to help new business owners build confidence and achieve their goals.

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Since 2007, over 1,400 women have participated in our mentoring programs. By working with established entrepreneurs, our mentees develop new skills, address their challenges and receive support and guidance so they can achieve their goals. These are some of their stories!

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Community Stories

We're part of an incredible community of women entrepreneurs in BC! We are happy to share the stories of women business owners in our province, and the women who support them.

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