Loan Clients

We have loan clients around the province who run amazing businesses! We are proud to share these success stories from some of the women we’ve helped to start or grow their business with our business loans.

Liz Caruso, Soles Nail Lounge & Footwear, Whistler

   No stranger to business management, Liz Caruso’s desire for growth and being her own boss were the driving forces behind her leap to become an entrepreneur.   Having successfully managed footwear […]

Lori Joyce, Betterwith, Victoria

Lori Joyce BetterWith ice cream

Lori Joyce was looking forward to taking a break from business when she happened upon a perplexing situation in the freezer aisle of her local grocery store; the ice cream […]

Lauren Legere, Latitude Counselling, Vancouver

Photo of Lauren Legere

Lauren Legere tells it true when she says the road to opening her own business, Latitude Counselling, in February 2020 was a wild ride. Starting out as an academic, Lauren’s […]

Winnie Siu, Minuteman Press, South Vancouver

When you don’t have a safety net you quickly learn resilience, adaptiveness, and creativity. That’s what happened when Winnie Siu acquired the Minuteman Press location in South Vancouver three months […]

Corinne Thomson & Natascha Radchenko, VM Travel Adventures, Fernie

When you’ve got a passion for what you do, you’re not going to let global and interprovincial travel bans put a damper on your business. Even though Corinne Thomson and […]

Kate Milne, Cardea Health Consulting, Vancouver

Kate Milne is a passionate health and wellness advocate who owns Cardea Health Consulting to support businesses and organizations with healthy ageing solutions and age-friendly planning. She provides evidence-based lifestyle […]

Rachelle Mellanby, Dogs Crossing, Coquitlam

Rachelle built her business, Dogs Crossing, with only a single client she found on Craigslist, and with no formal business or self-employment experience. She has grown her business through word […]

Hillary Schneider, Epona Rise Retreat, Heffley Creek

Hillary Schneider runs Epona Rise Retreat, an 80-acre retreat center where she provides coaching for women entrepreneurs and leaders and uses her herd of rescue horses to support her clients’ […]

Sarah Adamson, Fuze Food, Invermere

Fuze Foods mall business owner, Sarah Adamson

My name is Sarah Adamson and I am the sole owner/operator of a busy little restaurant, Fuze, that specializes in made from scratch healthy food that is made to order […]

Joelena Picket, Rise and Shine Excavating, Strathcona

Jojo Piket

Joelena Picket is the owner and operator of Rise & Shine Excavating, a landscaping and excavation company that serves the farming and residential communities of Black Creek, Oyster River, Mervile […]

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