Loan Clients

We have loan clients around the province who run amazing businesses! We are proud to share these success stories from some of the women we’ve helped to start or grow their business with our business loans.

Chantel Delaney, Sprout Grocery, Kimberley

Chantel Delaney

It was Chantel Delaney’s dream to have her own business. After many years of working with other businesses, she knew she had the experience, energy, and motivation to be an entrepreneur. When the opportunity came up, she took the plunge and bought Sprout Grocery in 2015. With a strategy of making the business more diverse […]

Rachel Paish, Passion and Performance, Victoria

Rachel Paish

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius Rachel Paish did just that by turning her love for dancing into a successful business, Passion and Performance dance studio. She offers classes for all dance backgrounds, bodies, abilities and budgets. She also does costume designing, […]

Sarah Adamson, Fuze Food, Invermere

Sarah Adamson

Sarah Adamson always wanted to own a restaurant. She took the first step towards realising her dream when she launched Fuze Food as a small “Food Trailer.” Her husband helped her design a small custom kitchen on a flat deck trailer that she could tow around to festivals and events for the summers. Living in […]

Anna Iskra, Wharfhouse Business Services Ltd., Nelson

Anna Iskra

It was a dream come true for Anna Iskra when she moved from Calgary in 2006 to raise her family in beautiful Nelson, BC. Entrepreneurial by nature, she bought Wharfhouse Business Services Ltd. Over the last 10 years she has expanded her services and clientele providing full spectrum of cloud bookkeeping and accounting services for […]

Cheryl Dawn Smith, HortyGirl, Langley

Cheryl Dawn Smith

Cheryl Dawn Smith is the founder of HortyGirl Living Decor. Her business creates, produces and distributes potted indoor plants in decorative containers to retailers in Canada and in the US. Supported by a passionate and dedicated team of employees who are committed to building the HortyGirl brand, her business transforms plants into Living Décor. We […]

Sarah Clair, Bark Busters, Kelowna

Sarah Clair

Dog training is Sarah Clair’s passion, so what started as a hobby for her has now turned into an incredible business. Sarah is the owner of Bark Busters in Kelowna, which aims to solve severe behavioral issues for dogs such as aggression, separation anxiety and fear issues among others. Founded in 1989 in Australia, the […]

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