Our volunteer mentors are business owners who share their hard-earned knowledge and experience with women entrepreneurs. They offer support and guidance to Mentees, via one-to-one mentoring or peer mentoring groups, to help new business owners build confidence and achieve their goals.

Cathy Kuzel, The Connected Woman, North Vancouver

Cathy Kuzel

A dynamic speaker, author and business expert with a deep knowledge of the art of human connections, Cathy Kuzel has been networking and building successful business relationships for more than 25 years and is increasingly sought after as an expert on “All Things Small Biz.” “You would never know that I was rather shy when […]

Christina Willard-Stepan, WillStep Coaching and Facilitation

Christina Willard-Stepan

After operating and successfully selling her retail business, Christina Willard-Stepan launched WillStep Coaching and Facilitation, offering a variety of coaching and facilitation services. WillStep offers Parent, Teen and Family Coaching – supporting families in finding joy and thriving through the teen years. She has been a one to one mentor with the Women’s Enterprise Centre […]

Connie Ekelund, Synergy CMC, Vancouver

Connie Ekelund

Connie Ekelund’s expertise stems from over 25 years’ experience as a dynamic Organizational development and marketing leader. Ekelund is the CEO & President of Synergy CMC, CEO of Fusion Publishing, and the Founder of “Be Cause.” Ekelund is also a vibrant Chair of Peer Advisory Boards, empowering executive officers, entrepreneurs and boards. She builds organizations […]

Danielle Ackerman, Danielle Ackerman Coaching, Consulting + Brand Strategy

Danielle Ackerman

Danielle Ackerman offers coaching, consulting and brand strategy services targeted at entrepreneurial-based businesses. She works with leaders to build, brand and better their business. Whether it’s launching a new venture or energizing an existing one, she helps businesses achieve their goals. What are your top 3 business strengths or areas of expertise? 1. Marketing (Including […]

Elizabeth Vieira-Richard, People Dynamics Inc. (PDI), Prince George

Elizabeth Vieira-Richard

What better reason to start a business than to create and realize your personal vision for your life? Elizabeth Vieira-Richard, CEO of People Dynamics Inc., feels this is the best reason of all to become an entrepreneur, and she works with clients every day, supporting them as they discover their own vision for their lives. […]

Cassandra Tompkins, Kelowna

Cassandra Tompkins

Cassandra Tompkins has been a business owner for more than 25 years and has just sold her highly successful business, The Woman’s Place Fitness Centre . Her business specialized in women’s health and fitness by providing a beautiful facility, trained and dedicated staff, and lots of support to help women achieve their health and fitness […]

Caroline Grover, Former CEO, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce

Caroline Grover

Caroline Grover was the CEO of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. As the voice of business in the community, the Chamber supports its members through network development, cost-effective marketing tools, referrals and introductions. The chamber represents local businesses to different levels of Government. Before joining the chamber in 2011, Grover found her niche as an […]

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