Cathy Kuzel, The Connected Woman, North Vancouver

Cathy Kuzel

A dynamic speaker, author and business expert with a deep knowledge of the art of human connections, Cathy Kuzel has been networking and building successful business relationships for more than 25 years and is increasingly sought after as an expert on “All Things Small Biz.”

“You would never know that I was rather shy when I was young. Talking to strangers was challenging. Now look at me – my career puts me at the front of the room speaking to hundreds of strangers!”

As a ‘serial entrepreneur’, Kuzel owns and operates two companies in addition to creating and chairing The Connected Woman Association. The first, Makel Industries Inc., specializes in infrared sensor technology for the international dairy, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Recognized as one of the Top Ten Mentors in Canada, Cathy finds great personal fulfillment in helping others succeed through her role as a professional mentor and business advisor. As the Connected Woman, she has developed and implemented strategic sales and marketing programs with proven success rates for small to mid-size companies and organizations of 150+ members.

“I did not have the opportunity to work with a mentor when I built my first two businesses. I wish I had. Everything I’ve learned has been through trial and error, a desire to succeed and the ability to ask for help.” Kuzel is passing along those same life and business lessons to the next generation of entrepreneurs as a mentor with Women’s Enterprise Centre’s Peer Mentoring program. “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a mentor for both WEC’s One-to-One Mentoring program and Peer Mentoring. I am a firm believer in ‘Knowledge Shared is Success Magnified’.”

Cathy’s passion and dedication to helping entrepreneurs succeed also extends to her current position as Sales Expert at Small Business BC, her involvement with Futurepreneurs – formerly the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Junior Achievement, her community and the Connected Woman Association’s initiative to support women with micro-loans through KIVA (just to name a few!)

She is also the author of “Are You a Collector or a Connector?” and “I’m on the Phone!” her podcast series “Coffee with Cathy” and the internationally recognized, “Daily Espressos – To Kickstart Your Day”.