Christina Willard-Stepan, WillStep Coaching and Facilitation

Christina Willard-Stepan

After operating and successfully selling her retail business, Christina Willard-Stepan launched WillStep Coaching and Facilitation, offering a variety of coaching and facilitation services. WillStep offers Parent, Teen and Family Coaching – supporting families in finding joy and thriving through the teen years. She has been a one to one mentor with the Women’s Enterprise Centre and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, as well as being a Peer Mentoring Group facilitator for small business, and for women in leadership in non-profit organizations.

What are your top 3 business strengths or areas of expertise?

Content marketing
Time management, life balance and stress management
Human resources

What are your reasons for wanting to become a mentor?

During the start-up years of my first business, Women’s Enterprise Centre matched me with a mentor. I had the benefit of working with her and found it to be a very valuable experience. I believe that women make incredible leaders – even more so when they feel supported. I want to give back to this fantastic organization and support women in navigating their challenges in business and in life.