Denise Young, Tigers Eye Advisory Group Ltd., Port Alberni


Denise Young is the CEO and Founder of Tigers Eye Advisory Group Ltd., a people-focused business solutions company that values collaboration and empowerment. She is passionate about making a difference in everything she does.

Denise is an empowering facilitator, looking for continuous improvement which provides cost-savings to organizations. For over 15 years she has worked in project management and in leading and working in internal and external multi-disciplinary teams. Denise has extensive experience designing and instructing various training programs as well as  developing and facilitating strategic business planning workshops, focus groups and public engagement sessions.

In her personal time, Denise enjoys travelling and outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, cycling and triathlon racing.


Where to Find Tigers Eye Advisory Group Ltd.

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2975 3rd ave Port Alberni, BC V9Y 2A6, Canada

(250) 864-5688