Elizabeth Vieira-Richard, People Dynamics Inc. (PDI), Prince George

Elizabeth Vieira-Richard

What better reason to start a business than to create and realize your personal vision for your life? Elizabeth Vieira-Richard, CEO of People Dynamics Inc., feels this is the best reason of all to become an entrepreneur, and she works with clients every day, supporting them as they discover their own vision for their lives.

“I’m so fortunate to be in this position and to live my passion every single day, working with individuals in realizing their dreams of what they want and who they want to be,” says Vieira-Richard.

As the owner of an executive coaching and consulting business, Vieira-Richard works with clients in the areas of leadership, management, business and strategic planning, performance, change and human potential. She is also a catalyst and facilitator of change, and is one of the few coaches globally who has achieved the designation of Master Certified Coach and Mentor Coach from the International Coach Federation, and she also holds a Master Developmental Coach designation.

Prior to starting People Dynamics Inc. in 1994, Vieira-Richard worked in management leadership positions with Fortune 100 companies in South and North America. She studied Business Administration as a Marketing major, and Human Resources Management at York University, and Adult Education and Development at St. Francis Xavier University. She completed her undergraduate and graduate coaching education and accreditations at The Coaches Training Institute, Coach U and the InterDevelopMental Institute.

The desire to help others succeed runs strong through Vieira-Richard’s veins. She volunteers her time to a number of organizations including Women’s Enterprise Centre as a One-to-One Mentor and a Peer Mentoring Group Facilitator for women who are new to self-employment.

“Throughout my life, many mentors have helped me to believe in myself and soar to newer and greater heights than I thought possible. I have a more fulfilled life, and I am a better person and business professional because of these people,” acknowledges Vieira-Richard. “My personal positive experiences have made me personally commit to mentoring others so that they can gain this experience and its rewards for themselves, and continue to pass it along to future generations.”