Hillary Samson, Samson Consulting, Vancouver

Hillary Samson

Hillary Samson discovered her love for entrepreneurship when she first launched a magazine in her twenties. She soon realized that developing business skills was crucial to her business success. She decided to go back to school and complete her MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship. Later she launched Samson Consulting, with a focus on operations and business planning for small to medium-sized businesses and social enterprises.

She considers her ability to identify the problem areas in a business as one of her biggest strengths. “Often owners are overwhelmed with too many ideas, or are just not sure why they aren’t reaching their goals. I see where the blocks and friction are that is stopping the organization from progressing.” Her advice to entrepreneurs is to “always back up ideas with hard numbers and detailed planning to make sure you are on the right path.”

Though Samson never had a mentor, she realizes that a mentor could have been a game-changer for her. “I actually was not mentored when I was starting out, and now see how this would have been an amazing asset to propel my business and my career.” This has motivated her to share her skills with others. “I want to make sure that new women entrepreneurs are supported as much as possible in their goals. I want to help them to be set up for success.”