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Kate Milne is a passionate health and wellness advocate who owns Cardea Health Consulting to support businesses and organizations with healthy ageing solutions and age-friendly planning. She provides evidence-based lifestyle programs that can profoundly change the course of ageing.

Her business is built around the goal of helping those living with chronic disease reduce their risk of death or disability through easy, small changes in their lifestyle. She’s using online platforms and courses to help more people during the pandemic and hopes to launch more online offerings in the coming year.

Kate is an entrepreneur at heart with experience running 3 successful businesses in the past 27 years. Today she is spreading a message of support and education for women to understand the crucial role that balance, strength, and movement can have throughout the ageing process.

Client Q&A

Q. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned while running your business?

My biggest lesson has been to outsource what you are not good at but learn as much as you can about all parts of the business.

Q. What is your greatest strength as a business owner?

I think I am pretty good at dealing with risk and being outside my comfort zone regularly.

Q. What challenges have you faced as a result of COVID-19, and how have you overcome them?

The role of health promotion consulting services to governmental organizations has shrunk significantly, especially with the pandemic’s onset. My first change was to put far more focus into the Age Sister offerings (especially with so many people now finding themselves at home and in need of a lifestyle change). I have built a low-cost online course and a membership site. I am now turning my attention to taking more of the Cardea consulting services online by developing a series of short online courses for those who manage older adult services and programs in their portfolios.

Q. What important role does your business play in your community?

My business focuses entirely on reducing the risk of the biggest causes of death and disability in Canada, chronic disease. Most of the risks for developing chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle; small changes can reduce mortality and dramatically improve life quality during the “second act.”

Although I have typically worked with those 70+, I started Age Sister after working on a multi-year research project with women between the ages of 55-70. The results confirmed to me how crucial it is for women to focus on balance, strength, and movement earlier in the ageing process to stay independent and reduce their chronic disease risk down the road.

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