Lyn Firth, Lyn Firth Counselling for Women

Lyn Firth

Lyn Firth is the founder of Lyn Firth Counselling for Women. Her business provides counselling and life coaching for women, helping them overcome barriers to personal and professional Success.

What are your top 3 business strengths or areas of expertise?

1. Business Development/Human Resources

2. Needs assessment

3. Counselor and Life Coach

What are your reasons for wanting to become a mentor?

I am passionate about working with women to help them break free from barriers holding them back from who they really are and who they want to be. As a past member of a corporate team, I have a strong business development/HR skillset. These skills have been beneficial to me as I left the corporate world and entered my own private counseling practice. My counseling and life coaching skills support women entrepreneurs keep on track to pursue their goals.