Naama Sireni, Lambda Solutions, Vancouver

Naama Sireni, Lambda Solutions

Naama Sireni brings a strong passion for people to her role as VP of Revenue at Lambda Solutions, recognizing that it takes a strong team approach to accomplish goals. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm shines through as Naama leads the sales, marketing and support teams to consistently meet and exceed goals and projected revenues year over year.

Naama has served in several capacities at Lambda, starting with taking care of operations and moving into the director of customer support role where she improved Lambda’s customer care program by motivating team members to provide a consistent and exceptional experience for customers.

Naama’s background combines her love of travel throughout her education and work.

She obtained her Msc of International Business from the University of Oxford Brooks as well as worked for IBM in Budapest, the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv and traveled to several international locations for Old Navy Canada where she coached staff to foster a people-first company culture.