Pam Nelson, Infusion Consulting, Kelowna

Pam Nelson

Curiosity and networking have been key to Pam Nelson’s entrepreneurial journey. Finding opportunity in every challenge motivates her. Her business, Infusion Consulting, in Kelowna provides business planning, feasibility analysis, and event production. She supports entrepreneurs and business owners through research, analysis, and planning to solve problems, seek opportunities, and get things started.

Her business is very different from when it started in 2004. “I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in 2011 that took me completely out of the functioning world for just over two years. Through my recovery I became very engaged in right-brain activities such as painting, art and meditation. As I began the return to business it was from a much more balanced perspective. My creativity has emerged to a very different level.” She adds, “I like to spark new ideas and not get caught up in monotony. I am an initiator: see the vision, do the research and analysis, create the plans and get the party started. “

Nelson has seen firsthand how crucial a mentor is to entrepreneurial success. “I have had a couple of mentors over the years. One of them helped me to understand my own value and contributions, giving me confidence to step outside my comfort zone and experience greater successes. The other helped me to embrace my uniqueness, and follow my heart in businesses.”

In her previous role as a Business Advisor for Women’s Enterprise Centre, Nelson loved to see what other women entrepreneurs were doing and accomplishing. A firm believer in giving back to the community, she is a Peer Mentoring Facilitator for Women’s Enterprise Centre in Kelowna.

“I love to share ideas and can often lend a perspective from my own experience that can be of great assistance to someone with different experiences. I love to learn from the other women business owners, help them to overcome particular challenges and share in the juicy idea generation and collaborations that always come from a team/group effort!”