Shahin A.M. Jones, Humeira Studios, Victoria


Shahin A. M. Jones is a Registered Clinical Counselor (10225) and Registered Art Therapist in Victoria, BC. She has over 10 years experience working with clients in hospital and community settings, including her own private studio business which she started in 2014, Humeira Studios. Humeira Studios offers individual counselling sessions and group art therapy sessions for females ages 16 year and older.

Shahin wanted to start her own private practice so that she could work independently and offer affordable services to women. Her goal was to start a business of supporting other women psychologically and to continue doing it past retirement age. To own her own business; to become an entrepreneur and establish a business that can open door to other young women that want to get experiences or give young women opportunities to learn self-care strategies and to empower them to become entrepreneurs in the same field. Prior to starting her business, Shahin worked part-time at a mental health out-patient clinic and worked as an outreach worker. Currently, she is working as a part-time trauma counselor at Victoria Women Transition Program and part-time in her private practice. In her private practice she specializes in relationship dynamics, trauma related symptoms and personal growth wellness. Her approaches include using integrated models of counselling styles such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Person Centered, Brief Solution Focused, Existential therapy. Sessions can include art therapy interventions.

Mentor Q&A

Q. Why do you want to mentor another woman entrepreneur?

A. I want to mentor other women to follow their dreams so that they can become liberated in pursuing their skills and reach highest potential goals.

Q. What do you feel is your greatest strength in your business?

A. Connecting with people and listening to them.

Q. Do you have any advice for other women who are following in your path?

A. Invest time to seek supports from program like yours, participate in trainings and network constantly. Reaching one’s goal is always possible with positive support systems and knowledge of community resources.

Q. Can you think of an example of when you had a mentor who provided guidance in your life and the impact or influence they had on your life or business?

A. I am fortunate to have few mentors in my life. Some that I can share are: my sister who was always supportive to me by encouraging me not to give up on my dreams even if it wasn’t reality as yet. My husband who has being very supportive to me emotionally and financially throughout my career changes and my mother who has being my role model who has advocated for women to stand up on your feet when they felt helpless in life.

Q. Why do you want to volunteer your time as a mentor to help less experienced women business owners?

A. I want to help other women just like I was once helped. I would like to share my skills and knowledge to women who are in similar field as I am and support them by sharing resources and training information that can get them to start their own business some day.