Shauna Allan, Modern Match Inc., Prince George


Shauna Allan is the founding entrepreneur of Modern Match Lingerie and the Bra Bra Sisterhood. She supports and empowers women to step into their confidence, one bra at a time. She has surrounded herself with powerful mentors and colleagues who have dedicated themselves to making a change in the world.

She started her entrepreneurial journey in early 2019 and spent the next year designing and developing her lingerie line, building up her community and learning about e-commerce. Her lingerie line officially launched in October 2020.

Shauna believes that no matter what path you choose in life, being a woman gets you there. Your personal or professional roles in life do not define you. YOU define you.

Mentor Q&A

Q. Why did you choose to start this business?

My mom, like most moms, showed me what it looked like to put everyone before herself and what it costs when you do not add the balance of self-care. That when we show up for ourselves, we can then better show up for those around us. I chose the items that sit closest to our skin because it does not get more personal than that. Lingerie is nothing short of a confidence boost when we buy it with ourselves in mind first. It is our armour empowering us to tackle our day.

Q. What’s the biggest lesson you have learned while being in business for yourself?

Vulnerability is the key to connection. From years of working in a corporate job, I was so buttoned up and unwilling to let people truly see me. This was my first step as a business owner: learn to be vulnerable. It sounds funny to say that but it is true!

In the beginning, I started a blog to learn how to be vulnerable. I would write about “what makes Shauna… well… Shauna.” I was SO scared to publish my first blog. But the more I wrote the easier it got. And just when I thought no one wants to come to a site and read about a woman from Northern BC, I opened the doors to invite other women to share their stories.

This is the soul of my business; this is where it all began! I was able to create a safe place for women, of all walks of life, to share about their journeys, challenges, and successes. We all share the same ingredient in this recipe – we write to inspire and provoke thought in others.

Q. When has a mentor had an impact or influenced your life or business?

When I think of the beginning of my entrepreneur journey, a time when I was experiencing imposter syndrome, fear of judgement, and people-pleasing, my first business coach would say, “It’s not about you Shauna, it’s about them.” I still repeat these words today! When I get to public speak and I start to get nervous when I feel the emotion of fear of judgement bubble up or at times when I experience imposter syndrome. It’s a mind shift that reminds me, to be impactful means I get to be seen and heard.

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