Switch to a Paperless Office

It is indeed surprising the amount of paper which is still being generated and consumed in this technically savvy period. According to a report, the average Canadian uses the paper equivalent of almost five 40-foot (12-metre) trees a year.

Creating a paperless office environment is cost effective and environmentally responsible.

It is true that a new routine is not easy for anyone. It is common to resist the unknown and stay with the familiar, good or bad. Yet, switching to a paperless office makes good business sense.

1. Change your thinking and routine
Ease in by saving links from the internet on your bookmark bar instead of printing off a large document. Consider making an investment in an e-reader to download and save articles to view at your leisure.
2. Practice good file management
Good electronic file management is organizing your e-file system for ease of access to all your documents. Group and classify folders under the same subjects to keep organized, especially when applying to sub-folders. For consistency, create electronic folders to match your manual folders.
3. Easy to share information
Electronic documents are quick and easy to share with colleagues by emailing or sharing on the same network. No need to mail or use more paper. At the click of a mouse your documents are awaiting in the receiver’s inbox.

Become part of the office environments that are making the conscience choice towards becoming paperless by developing systems to save their documents electronically. Once you experience and embrace the benefits of handling documents electronically you will break your own habit of printing forever.

Elizabeth Densmore

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