System Dependent Operation: Manageable, Achievable, Reliable

Imagine your business is fully functional, humming along on its own steam. You are aware of every aspect, nook, and cranny of your business. You have happy customers, happy staff, and a healthy cash flow. The work is delegated to the correct skill sets completed on time and within budget. Your day is jam-packed with overseeing the entire operation business growth. Is this a dream? A system-dependent business can make this a reality.

System-dependent business:

Every business, including small business or a large corporation, needs solid systems that are manageable, achievable and reliable procedures. The most effective and efficient operation is a system-dependent business. Built in processes and procedures are developed over time specifically for your business.

People-dependent business:

A people-dependent operation is a fragile system. A common scenario is when a key employee leaves and the owner is unable to step in or plan for a replacement trained to fill the role. Often the employee is left to develop a system for their specific tasks, which causes gaps for the rest of the business operations. Over time, these gaps create many errors, misinformation, lack of communication, limited guidelines, stress, and frustration within the business structure.

Today big box stores like Tim Horton’s, Mr. Lube, Wal Mart use the method of system-dependent operations. The reason- customers know what to expect and staff know what to do.

Each business needs to build their own successful formula that works for them. To find your system begin with your own thought patterns. Our brains look for patterns in consistency, familiarity as well as a level of comfort. It is not necessary to know every aspect of each system; instead, you need guidelines to keep your business running smoothly and to stay on track.

Elizabeth Densmore

Elizabeth Densmore is the owner of Office 2 Office Business Solutions in West Kelowna, BC. Office 2 Office Business Solutions offers a range of office efficiencies for your small business to operate at top capacity by introducing the tools, training and strategies to become more effective and productive. Elizabeth provides the guidance to streamline systems that accelerate, organize and simplify everyday processes.

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