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Time to Transition the Farm? Planning the transfer of your farm, whether to a family member or outside buyer, can seem like an overwhelming task. Now might be the time to get serious about creating a succession plan that works for you! The Basin Business Advisors program can help you get started on the right […]

How do you tell a compelling story and build your farm identity online? What do you need to do to sell online? How can you capitalize on the increased demand for local food? Ensuring your farm business has an effective online presence is more important than ever. Agriculture Specialist, Nyree Marsh, will walk participants through […]

COVID-19 has led to restrictions and lockdowns, shifting consumer spending behaviours and demands, and logistical challenges that have constrained supplies of certain product groups. If your company is doing business domestically or abroad in the agriculture and agri-food sector and you’re concerned about the impacts of COVID-19, don’t miss Export Development Canada’s (EDC’s) free webinar, […]

Now is the time to shift focus to the ‘now normal’ – and grasp the opportunities that arise from disruption. Radically accelerate your plans to be better positioned in this new future. Join the BC Food & Beverage for a Virtual Town Hall on Thursday, June 11th from 11:15AM-12:15PM, with Ian Proudfoot, KPMG’s Global Head […]