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Our new global reality means that physical distancing in the workplace requires us to improve digital communication strategies. Having a remote workforce means that organizations need to improve and develop the tools and techniques they use for team building and team cohesion. Ian MacRae and Heather Stewart will discuss their research and experience in leadership […]

Over the past month, we’ve worked with lots of women entrepreneurs, and we’re starting to see them turn a corner and settle into this new normal. Some are even getting ahead of the curve and embracing some of these changes! If you’re somewhere between surviving and thriving, here are four ways to help you find […]

COURSE DESCRIPTION As a small business, is it feasible to move the entire team “to the cloud” and collaborate online? What does that even mean? How are Office 365, GSuite, Google Drive, Dropbox and so forth different? These questions and many more will be answered in this webinar designed to clarify what online collaboration platforms […]