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This webinar will help employers navigate challenging staffing issues, exploring ways to recalibrate the staffing structure, plans to help employees transition back to work or new roles, and best practices to support employees with managing difficult circumstances such as transitioning to different jobs or coping with mental health needs.

A simple look at what it costs you to pay yourself versus what you were making as an employee and the additional costs of being self-employed.

Covid-19 has seriously shaken things up for Canadians, both in their professional and personal lives. With our new normal, which—for many of us—means teleworking and homeschooling, we’re seeing an uptick in health problems that organizations and insurers need to address and adapt to. In this webinar, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce will be looking at […]

In a recent survey by Sun Life, over half (56%) of Canadians surveyed said COVID-19 is negatively affecting their mental health. On Monday July 20 at 12:00pm, Join the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Carmen Bellows, Registered Psychologist and Director, Mental Health Solutions at Sun Life Financial to learn how to develop and maintain a […]

If your business provides training then you will want to learn about immersive training simulations that are transforming learning. Learners report being more engaged and have a measurably deeper understanding of the course material. Training times are being significantly reduced saving business money while core competency is notably higher. Join Virtro’s Lee Brighton as she […]