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Women’s Enterprise Centre is a proud Marketing Partner of the Integrated e-Commerce Essentials (ICE) Program! BREAK into new global markets online New trade agreements and a competitive Canadian dollar make […]

Join Women’s Business Enterprise National Council on November 10, 2-4pm EST to become a marketing mastermind during this session brought to you by Target Corporation! Learn how to maximize your marketing impact, understand […]

This is the first part in a four-part Scaling for Success workshop series hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre. Click here to sign up for the whole series. What do you think […]

Primary market research helps to take the guesswork out of important business decisions. Harnessing tools like surveys and focus groups, it can tell you how much your clients will spend, […]

For the past 18 months, businesses have had to switch to an online-first approach. This workshop will take you through some marketing tools & tips to help you and your […]

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to conduct market research before making important decisions. Analyzing available data allows you to understand your target market, conduct a competitor analysis, view market trends […]

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever for small business owners to learn cost-effective ways to increase their sales leads and reach new customers. Thankfully, Digital Marketing […]

If marketing has taught us anything in recent years it’s that customers love video content. Many business owners think it’s expensive and time-consuming to create this content but this is […]

As someone who may be familiar with the basics of how to sell on Amazon, it’s time to learn about ways to grow your business. Growing as a seller involves […]

COVID-19 has spurred many changes affecting retail in BC, from disruptions to the supply chain to online shopping becoming more prevalent. At the same time though, initiatives like Shop Local […]

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