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COURSE DESCRIPTION Managing smooth access to data for authorized users and keeping unauthorized access out are issues that can hinder the transition to a fully remote workplace. Arm yourself with an understanding of data management and security so that your business retains an appropriate level of control over its data while enabling your employees to […]

COURSE DESCRIPTION As a small business, is it feasible to move the entire team “to the cloud” and collaborate online? What does that even mean? How are Office 365, GSuite, Google Drive, Dropbox and so forth different? These questions and many more will be answered in this webinar designed to clarify what online collaboration platforms […]

Recent changes in our Global Health landscape, have dramatically changed how we work and how we lead our teams. Many leaders have shifted to managing remote teams, something that they may have never done before. We wanted to help you navigate this new landscape. In this session we will speak with three leaders from Indeed, […]