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Rethinking Your Approach to Sales COURSE DESCRIPTION 2020 has been a year of change. Human interactions have rapidly shifted to socially distant, online environments and many businesses have had to pivot the new COVID economy. One of the biggest changes companies have had to adjust to is how to achieve sales in this quickly changing […]

Changing Retail Landscapes and Opportunities COURSE DESCRIPTION COVID-19 has spurred many changes affecting retail in BC, from disruptions to the supply chain to online shopping becoming more prevalent. At the same time though, initiatives like Shop Local and the transition of brick and mortar businesses to e-commerce are taking place as well. Now may be […]

How to Increase Sales COURSE DESCRIPTION How important are sales strategies for small business? Well, finding new customers to buy your product or service is central to the sales process. If you do, your business will grow, and you’ll reap the rewards. So, how do you find them? Join Cathy Kuzel, Business Development Strategist and […]

Ready to Reset? During this unprecedented pandemic, it’s important that we remain calm, proactive and most of all, remember that there are things that we can control. This includes adapting your willingness and ability to maximize your sales strategies to help cope with the business impact of COVID-19. Explore a systematic approach to your business […]

How to Write and Deliver Your Elevator Pitch COURSE DESCRIPTION Your business idea might be the Next Big Thing, but you need to get the word out first. Whether you’re telling friends and family, or looking for investment dollars, your start-up pitch will be essential to your success. Join Dylan Hrycyshen, Small Business BC Business […]

How to Reach Customers with Simple Videos From Your Phone COURSE DESCRIPTION If marketing has taught us anything in recent years it’s that customers love video content. Many business owners think it’s expensive and time-consuming to create this content but this is no longer the case. Thanks to the humble smartphone, professional-looking videos can be […]

The world of sales is developing and growing, and we do not want to fall behind. This session will speak to the future of sales tactics, media plans, communication strategies and understanding how to transition potential clients into buying into your business. WALTER BOND is coming back to Kelowna! The highly favourited keynote speaker from […]

Shannon Ward from OnTrack Sales is hosting a Q&A on Zoom specifically to help people responsible for sales in their organizations (business owners and salespeople). Why? Because we face a unique set of challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Get your urgent sales questions answered. Do you face questions like: Is it ok to […]

People who are responsible for sales in their organizations face a unique set of challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You want to keep your business healthy and you also want to do the right thing. It’s hard to know what to do today, let alone in the coming weeks and months. Tough […]

Women’s Enterprise Centre is excited to facilitate this workshop, which is organized by the Women’s Economic Council to support newcomer women in their journey to be self-employed. This workshop is for any business owner, whether experienced or novice, who needs to kick‐start their sales strategy. Participants will look at their sales practices and how their daily […]