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Sales is the engine for providing services and products, and marketing is the fuel. Here’s how to blend your marketing and sales strategies so that you can leverage them successfully […]

If you already have your own business Facebook page, then now’s the time to uncover opportunities for networking with a variety of people. Learn how to be prepared, work with […]

In this class, learn what Facebook’s all about and how small businesses are using it to gain a bigger audience for very little cost. In the second half, set up […]

Hashtags. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word? Frustration? Excitement? Indifference? Love them or hate them, when used properly hashtags can be a great […]

Learn to use the mobile app ‘Instagram’ to reach potential customers and/or promote a virtual store. Instagram is a visual digital organizer that will help you to present images of […]

One question that comes up quite often working as a social media consultant, is, “Do I need to use social media to promote my brand?” The short answer: it depends. […]

On June 10, we hosted social media consultant, Jennifer Kolbuc who shared tips on how to deliver content that engages your followers while saving time in the process. You can […]

Learn how you can advertise effectively on social media and grow your online business. As people have started to adjust to a new normal, e-commerce has grown through increased average […]

With tech giants taking over the marketing world, we need to recognize the best channels to spend our marketing dollars. During this session our speakers will dive into the pros […]

Welcome to the next chapter of our KWIBinar series – we hope these ZOOM sessions have been bringing you valuable information as well as providing an opportunity to connect with […]

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