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Tips for Building an Effective Brand Strategy COURSE DESCRIPTION A brand consists of much more than just a logo. In fact, it’s just one aspect of a true branding strategy. Want to appear as professional and well-polished as a much bigger company? It all begins with your branding. Small businesses often struggle with building a […]

This webinar will focus on strategies for rebuilding your business, and the priorities and risks to consider on the path to recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the economy and bringing unprecedented challenges to businesses across Canada. As more customers go online for products and services, pivoting your business to take full advantage of these online opportunities can position you to emerge stronger in terms of who you sell to, how you sell and what you sell. […]

The world of sales is developing and growing, and we do not want to fall behind. This session will speak to the future of sales tactics, media plans, communication strategies and understanding how to transition potential clients into buying into your business. WALTER BOND is coming back to Kelowna! The highly favourited keynote speaker from […]