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Science, technology, and innovation are essential to Canada addressing both the ongoing pandemic and economic recovery. Join us for a conversation with Minister Champagne about how Canada will continue to be innovative and address these key issues.

Join us for a compelling conversation with Tech Savvy Female Leaders in the BC Public Sector. Digital Acceleration calls for tech-savvy leaders! Governments are beginning to transform how they engage their key stakeholders to deliver a better experience, attract top digital talent, and modernize service delivery. In this special event, forward-thinking government leaders will share […]

Entrepreneurs can’t build great companies alone. Finding and retaining top talent and skilled knowledge workers continues to be a key issue for business owners not just in the Okanagan but across the country. If we want to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and increase the number of businesses that scale in the Okanagan, we must […]

Vancouver’s rich talent base, world-class academic institutions and diverse community have made the city a magnet for technology companies of all sizes. As we prepare to navigate post-COVID-19 economic recovery: What opportunities will technology companies create for the local economy? What is the broader impact of the technology sector’s growth? How can technology companies continue […]

An introduction to the principles and applications of AI & Machine Learning (ML) as seen through the lens of SMEs via user-cases across multiple sectors. You may be surprised to learn that fewer than 1 in 10 businesses are ready for AI adoption. Despite all the AI hype, the reality remains that a vast majority […]

The Impostor Syndrome Series is a series of ‘fireside chats’ with individuals who work in tech to discuss how they’ve experienced and navigated imposter syndrome throughout their careers. Presented by Dyspatch and Lighthouse Labs, the Imposter Syndrome series seeks to provide relatable experience from tech business leaders and educators.

For a successful economic recovery from COVID-19, Canada can’t leave its early stage technology companies behind. Small-scale firms are at a critical phase in development where they will either help shape the future of our technology industry, or under extreme financial pressure, lose the progress they’ve made throughout years of R&D innovation. With technology now […]

Scaling Up for Global Growth Get Actionable Insights to Grow Your Customers, Capital and Team. From the fastest growing companies to the largest private investments and the country’s highest tech wages, BC is being recognized as Canada’s top tech market. Want to start and scale your company in BC? The #BCTECHSummit is the catalyst to […]

OKGNtech LIVE is all about exploring the wild and wonderful world of innovation brewing right here in the Okanagan. If you weren’t sure if you are invited, you super are. OKGNtech LIVE is for everyone – entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, investors, students, and supporters! Seriously, if you’re willing, you’re welcome. Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 4th & Friday, […]