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Thinking of creating a website for your business? WordPress websites make up almost 30% of the internet and it was recently named the world’s fastest growing Content Management System (CMS). Similar to Shopify, Wix and Squarespace, WordPress offers a free-to-install, flexible and simple interface to make the most of your business website. Join Simon Rai, […]

Learn how to make better design choices for your website! Have you ever gotten tired just from looking at a website? Do you find pop-ups irritating? Over the course of this seminar, we’re going to learn about some basic design principles, including Cognitive Overload, Dark Patterns and Designing for Conversion, how these principles can psychologically […]

In this two-day workshop (December 3rd & 4th) learn to create, build, and manage your own website using the world’s leading open-source web publishing platform, WordPress.com. Bring your text, images, and imagination to build a fully functioning website (with free hosting). Workshop includes lecture and demonstration, but mostly focuses on participants building their own website. […]