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Join us for a compelling conversation with Tech Savvy Female Leaders in the BC Public Sector. Digital Acceleration calls for tech-savvy leaders! Governments are beginning to transform how they engage their key stakeholders to deliver a better experience, attract top digital talent, and modernize service delivery. In this special event, forward-thinking government leaders will share […]

ABOUT THIS EVENT The Girls in Tech Conference is back! This time it’s virtual, allowing participants from all over the world to gather, find community, sharpen their skills and learn how to thrive in tech. This signature annual event is so much more than a conference. It is an intentional and inclusive space, a space […]

The Impostor Syndrome Series is a series of ‘fireside chats’ with individuals who work in tech to discuss how they’ve experienced and navigated imposter syndrome throughout their careers. Presented by Dyspatch and Lighthouse Labs, the Imposter Syndrome series seeks to provide relatable experience from tech business leaders and educators.