Tell, Don’t Sell: Storytelling versus Product Selling

Every day, people are bombarded by advertising. There is always someone trying to sell some kind of product or service that will supposedly make our lives better. Flashy packaging and clever wording convinces us to purchase products, which often end up as closet fillers.

Smart business owners think differently when deciding on their marketing strategy. They realize that consumers need to feel connected in some way to a product or service. Business owners can differentiate themselves from their competitors if their customers can envision themselves:

  • Entrusting their legal matters to your firm
  • Bringing their pets to your veterinary office
  • Trusting you as their bookkeeper or accountant

Writing and maintaining a blog on your business website is a great way to earn trust. As people read your words and begin to know you, they will recognize your extensive knowledge and experience and will begin to feel connected to your business, placing it foremost in their minds.

Writing is not for everyone, though. You may know the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’, but crafting a paragraph that conveys your intended message takes a different skill set. There’s a reason you chose to be an accountant, lawyer or veterinarian. Writing is not everyone’s forté.

Perhaps you’ve considered hiring a freelance writer to create consistent blog posts and website content for you. How can you be sure that it’s your unique voice that potential customers and clients hear? Working with a freelance writer who interviews you, then uses the transcript of your interview to form the blog post, guarantees your voice comes across and saves you the time and stress of writing.

Through a brief phone conversation, an interviewer will ask pertinent questions to form the basis of a strong blog post. A skilled writer will then transcribe those questions and answers and use them to create the post, chiseling and sculpting until a masterpiece is revealed. Once it’s completed, it is sent for your approval and posted to your website.

Strong, consistent blog posts can have a positive impact on your business. Potential customers and clients can become loyal customers and clients. Consider adding blog posts to your website to increase your reach.

Jodi Quibell

Jodi Quibell is the owner of Word to the Wise Writing and Editing Services, based in Kelowna, BC. She ghostwrites blog posts, website content, and articles, using the interview/transcript method. She also offers editing services for all types of documents. To contact Jodi and discuss your writing or editing needs, please visit Jodi can also be reached at 250­215­5415 or

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