Top 3 Social Media Trends in 2014

Whether you are a business professional or a small business owner, it is important to stay on top of what’s happening in and around the digital sphere of things if you are the one in charge of the business strategy and objectives. Staying on top of trends keeps you aware and helps you adjust your plans appropriately, especially when social media has become an important tool today.

OMG Social Media’s speakers came together to discuss social media trends. Here are their top three social media trends and updates that they consider to be of utmost importance. Here’s what Conner Galway, Founder of Junction Creative Solutions, Tia Kelly, Social Strategist from Unbounce, and Cijaye DePradine, Founder of Cijaye Creative had to say:

1. Video becomes more efficient as attention spans get shorter

An engaging and creative video has great capacity to convey emotions and make connections with its audience. Video is a great way to enhance online and social presence. Using platforms such as Instagram or Vine, behind the scenes footage can capture what a business is all about in a creative and engaging way.

2. Receive more engagement by imagery and content optimization

So much content is being created everyday that people tend to overlook the majority of the information they see unless something specifically catches their attention. Large images are a great way to make content stand out in the midst of black and white texts. To further upgrade content visibility, content optimization is key. Blog posts with large imagery that incorporate OG tags or Schema Markups have higher reach with more likes, comments and shares.

3. As organic reach drops, social media advertising increases

Brands are increasingly spending advertising dollars on these spaces. Over the past 4 months, we’ve seen clients’ organic reach on Facebook drop by an average of 80%, meaning that the fanbase that they had built in the past is now less valuable. At the same time, major brands have more than doubled social media ad budgets. For example, every one of the most successful super bowl ads this year was a part of a larger social media advertising campaign.These ads are highly targeted, making it one of the most cost efficient advertising options available. Users are able to capturing interest, analyze what audience is being captured and tailor strategies based on that data.

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