Trail of a Filing System

Is your filing system stress free or do you need to locate your documents every time by using the search function on your computer?
I witness many of my clients waste precious time sifting through duplicate copies to find that one document with all the important information. What happens if you cannot remember the name or where you saved the document?

It comes down to 2 options.
Option 1: Use an incomplete copy which does not have all the information
Option 2: Create a new document and waste precious time researching information

An ineffective filing system creates duplication and becomes unmanageable.

Foundation of a filing system
The terms filing and folder can be confusing. A folder is the main topic or category; sub-folders fit within folder topic or category. Filing documents fit within the main folder and when necessary, filed into the correct topic or category sub-folder.

1. Write down your main topics or categories
2. Create sub-folders for each main topic or category
3. File documents that fit in the correct folder or sub-folder

Here is an example
Folder: Accounting
Sub-folders: bank statements, contracts, invoices
Filing (documents): monthly statement, client (contracts), invoices (bill payments)

A properly set up filing system stops duplication and speeds up locating the information you need. The purpose of all systems is to have structure that will provide consistency and concrete routines.
A little planning goes a long way. A logical filing structure will help you set up your systems to reach your goals.

Elizabeth Densmore

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