Tricks of the Trade for a Successful Trade Show

Since I participate in quite a few trade shows, I want to share some tips that that can help you in having a more engaging trade show.

1. First of all, SMILE SMILE SMILE!!!

2. Stand straight and have an air of confidence, not arrogance. Don’t stand guard at your booth with your arms folded across your chest, as it is intimidating – be welcoming.

3. Maintain eye contact with each person you interact with.

4. Do not sit unless your prospect does.

5. No eating, drinking or chewing gum while manning your booth. If you need to sneak something to keep hydrated and energy levels up, please do it discretely with no evidence showing.

6. Dress clean and appropriately as you are representing yourself,tyour company and it will also show respect to the attendees.

7. If you don’t know something, admit it. Better to be honest and get back to a prospect than to lie and have mud on your face?

8. Try to organize the booth with a flow or inviting entrance. People don’t like to feel trapped.

9. Do not hard sell, as people are there to enjoy, gather information and educate themselves on their needs. Some people may make a decision right on the spot but in my experience a lot of buyers wait until after the show to make a calmer more decisive purchase, not based on impulse.

10. When setting up, be polite and respect the rules of the venue. Remember honey attracts flies; not vinegar. You may need a roll of tape, an extra curtain etc. and it may save you from running back out to retrieve or buy it by simply asking the people in charge.

11. Get to know your neighbours as they may have to be called upon if you are left alone and need a washroom break, just remember to respect their booth parameters.

Above all …. Thank you, thank you, thank you – goes a long way.

Elizabeth Backman’s company Pro-Etiquette, in Victoria, teaches the ways of etiquette and civility in business, academic and social settings. Elizabeth has motivated and taught valuable business lessons within companies’ operations, sales departments and with managers and executive, always stressing the importance of respect and communication. Elizabeth’s versatility enables her to conduct in-house training, retreats, professional development days and speaking engagements.
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Elizabeth Backman

Elizabeth Backman is the owner of Pro Etiquette. Founded in Victoria in 2012, her business has now expanded to Greater Vancouver and is offering a program for regular in-house training, professional development days, speaking engagements, as well as private and individually tailored sessions. In addition to sessions aimed at the professional and corporate arena, a special-focus series is available for children and teens. She is an active member of the Rotary Langley Central Club and is engaged with her community. Email her or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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