Using Tech Tools to Increase Productivity and Profits

As women entrepreneurs we are masters at multi-tasking. We know how to schedule an appointment in our calendar while texting our teenager about dinner and sending an email to a client.

Below are a few tech tools to help increase your business productivity.

1. Social media. Facebook and Twitter are THE‘ blast’ communication portal for announcements, press releases and more. Remember the days of sending group emails? Now you just set up a Facebook group or a Google group and send one message that quickly reaches everyone in the group.

2. Meeting tools. Do you use Google docs? If so, you know it’s a great tool for collaborating on a team project. Recently I worked with a team from all over the world on creating a marketing and communication plan using Google docs. When we were ready to discuss the document, we connected through a Skype conference call and then held a demonstration meeting using WebEx.

3. Smart phone apps. And what about PDA and Smartphone apps? I would be lost without my Evernote app- this app is fantastic at capturing usable data, storing it and then providing easy access. I also find the Wall Street Journal app a great research tool and easy to read on my IPhone. How about Siri feature on the Iphone 4S? Siri is an electronic personal assistant that saves me time and ultimately allows me to focus on growing the business.

4. Networking tools. Another app I love when networking is the Bump app and Card Munch. The Bump app lets you ‘bump’ phones and your contact information is automatically added to each of your phones. The Card Munch app lets you take a pic of a business card and the contact is auto stored AND automatically sends an invite for the contact to join you on Linked In.

There are many tech tools to improve business. These are just a few to increase your productivity and profits.

Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran, CSP is a leadership consultant, author and entrepreneur. She helps leaders to lead change in a fast paced and technological workplace. Cheryl helps CEO’s and leaders to grow their skills so that they can grow their businesses. To find out more go to

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