Want To Record A Video?

Along with video training, I also lead a workshop on “How To Write And Deliver a 30 second Business Pitch That Will Knock The Socks Off Your Customer.”

Here’s how it looks.

I stand in front of a group of 25 women sitting in chairs and say, “Alright! One by one, please stand up and give us your business pitch!”

Here’s how it sounds.

Low guttural groans of pain. High whines. “Do we really HAVE to?”

This gobsmacks me. The opportunity to tell 25 women about you and your business is a gift! Free marketing! What an honour to share how you make a difference in the world.

I also understand that most women haven’t developed the “let’s talk about me” muscle, which essentially is a muscle of confidence. In my experience, women would rather promote others before themselves. This is the same reason why video can seem so challenging.

So if learning video is just like building up a muscle of confidence, then think of it this way. Video is like the thigh master of our time!

It sounds uncomfortable, but it gets results.

Like any muscle, getting confident on video isn’t a skill that you master with a snap of your finger. It takes consistent effort, training, and practise over time. The earlier you get started with video, the better. These are lifelong presentation skills and the benefits will spill over into so many other aspects of your life. You’ll become a far more compelling spokesperson, not only for your business, but for yourself!

You cannot avoid video. It’s here to stay and it will only get bigger in the future. Last year, Canadians increased the number of online videos they watched by almost 40%. Facebook just announced, in one year alone, the number of video posts per person in the U.S. went up 94%! In recent years, American ad spend for web video grew by a whopping 84%.

Start now, so you’ll be ready in the future. And the next time you have the opportunity, you’ll be the first to jump up to pitch your business.

Watch out, Suzanne Somers!

Don’t get left behind…..you can SHINE online!

Jaeny Baik

Jaeny Baik is a former CBC TV host and on-camera trainer, bringing out authentic performances and personalities. For a comp ticket to her workshop “Top 3 Secrets For Women Entrepreneurs To Look Confident… On Video” use promo code “WECVIP” for July 23rd or July 29th at the luxurious Hycroft Manor. Go to www.JaenyBaik.com/events to get your ticket! Twitter: @JaenyB | Facebook: /JaenyBaikMedia

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