WEB VIDEO: How to Overcome Your Fear of the Camera

You’re amazingly confident talking one-on-one to people about your business, but the minute you step in front of a camera, ahhhhhh!

Your throat gets dry, hands get sweaty.
You have nothing to say while fear grips your shoulders in a tight ball of anxiety.

Recording a video to promote your business is like going to the gym.
You know you should do it.
You know it’s great for you in the long run.
But you’ll put it off until later.

Don’t wait too long or you’ll get left behind by your competition.

Here’s some advice to get you started so you can SHINE online through video.
It begins with your mindset.

1) Lower your expectations. Let go of the idea that you will be perfect on-camera. How can you be if you haven’t had a lot of experience? Aim for progress not perfection.

2) Treat yourself like a child learning a new skill. If a toddler learning to walk falls down, would you yell at her? Or would you gently pick her up and say try again? We are incredibly hard on ourselves, so shush that inner critic and pump up that inner cheerleader!

3) Make a list of all your insecurities about being on-camera. Do any of them affect your ability to serve your clients? I used to worry about the blackheads on my nose. Now I accept them because transforming people on-camera is a purpose far greater than my pores.

What are your blackheads? Shrink down your insecurities so they can’t stand in your way!

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Jaeny Baik (“Jenny Beck”) is the owner of Jaeny Baik Media in Vancouver. She’s a former CBC TV host and journalist who coaches people to make a real impact through video. Jaeny creates video marketing strategies and teaches on-camera performance, script writing and video blogging to clients around the world through Jaeny Baik Media. Get more tips from Jaeny on her Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube accounts

Jaeny Baik

Jaeny Baik is a former CBC TV host and on-camera trainer, bringing out authentic performances and personalities. For a comp ticket to her workshop “Top 3 Secrets For Women Entrepreneurs To Look Confident… On Video” use promo code “WECVIP” for July 23rd or July 29th at the luxurious Hycroft Manor. Go to www.JaenyBaik.com/events to get your ticket! Twitter: @JaenyB | Facebook: /JaenyBaikMedia

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