WEB VIDEO: The New Frontier of Social Media Marketing

You’re in front of a camera.
The red recording light goes on.

Do you feel confident delivering your message?
Are you engaging and dynamic on video?

Or are you stiff and nervous, fumbling over your words?

As an entrepreneur and CEO, you ARE the best spokesperson for your business – so how much training have you invested in yourself?

A tidal wave of web video is coming down the pipe. Cisco Systems predicts in less than 3 years, more than 90% of the data online will be VIDEO.

It can all sound overwhelming, especially when you’re doing a million things to run your business. But just like any new technology (remember your first email?) learning how to master video is a skill you can’t avoid. Welcome to the future.

The great part about video is once you do the work… you can stand back and let the video do the talking for you, again and again. Imagine shaking hands, and having one-on-one conversations with everyone who visits your website.

Video creates that sense of trust, credibility and intimacy. People feel like they already know you after watching a video. It minimizes risk for them, and they’re more likely to buy.

So here are some tips to keep in mind so you can keep your cool when it’s ACTION time!

1. Practice what you’re going to say out loud. Rehearse it 10 times!
2. Pretend you’re only talking to ONE person, a close friend or partner.
3. Breathe deeply. This will help control your nerves.
4. Lighten up! The best way to connect to your IDEAL CLIENT is for you to be yourself!

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Jaeny Baik (“Jenny Beck”) is the owner of Jaeny Baik Media in Vancouver. She’s a former CBC TV host and journalist who coaches people to make a real impact through video. Jaeny creates video marketing strategies and teaches on-camera performance, script writing and video blogging to clients around the world through Jaeny Baik Media. Get more tips from Jaeny on her Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Jaeny Baik

Jaeny Baik is a former CBC TV host and on-camera trainer, bringing out authentic performances and personalities. For a comp ticket to her workshop “Top 3 Secrets For Women Entrepreneurs To Look Confident… On Video” use promo code “WECVIP” for July 23rd or July 29th at the luxurious Hycroft Manor. Go to www.JaenyBaik.com/events to get your ticket! Twitter: @JaenyB | Facebook: /JaenyBaikMedia

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