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Women’s Enterprise Centre is the go-to place for women entrepreneurs all over BC, providing business advice, loans, training, resources, and mentors to help women start, purchase or grow a small business. Every month we answer thousands of phone calls and emails from women in every stage of business; we listen to their challenges, questions, issues and successes as they start and grow their businesses.

Hearing directly from self-employed women really gives us a greater understanding of what the issues are they face in building a successful business. From their insights and opinions, we know that there is far more to running a business than putting together a marketing plan or forecasting cash flow; self-employment is full of emotional ups and downs as new challenges are constantly thrown at you. The purpose of this blog is to address those challenges through the knowledge and expertise of other women business owners.

    New Voices & New Resources!

This blog will give a voice to the many women business owners across the province who wish to share their expertise and help other self-employed women succeed. We are inviting guest bloggers to bring forward their knowledge and write about important topics that have impacted them as business owners, in order to help support and guide other women entrepreneurs. If you are interested in providing a blog post for Women’s Enterprise Centre, please e-mail

We hope you enjoy our blog and discover helpful information and guidance as you grow your business!

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